The Moms *I* know are a lot smarter than this

You know I can’t resist female liberal bloggers; they draw me in like the most spectacular of train wrecks.  Today’s spin around lefty blogosphere led me to  Despite being founded by Joan Blades (co-founder of and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner (frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and author of The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy), they claim to be a “transpartisan” group representing moms everywhere.  As a conservative woman and mother of four, I’m not exactly buying this.

Their list of grievances reads like the Democrat’s platform:  universal health care, paid sick leave, yadda, yadda, yadda.  In sum, they want the government to solve all their problems.  Anyway, these Moms Who Rise put together a list of questions for Gov. Sarah Palin regarding her views on issues related to motherhood (basically, what are you, Governor, going to do to solve my problems?).  A group of very confused rising moms (using the questionably mom-like tactic of guerilla-style ambushing) arrived unannounced at Gov. Palin’s DC-based government office to deliver said letter.  And they were turned away.  There’s a good reason why:  IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THE STATE OFFICE TO ACCEPT CAMPAIGN-RELATED MATERIALS!  The poor dears were clearly confused:

Now, the Moms I know are a lot smarter than this.  They would have first verified delivery information online, then, seeing that the state office was the incorrect delivery point, would have MapQuested the correct spot:  the McCain/Palin DC-area office.  Then they would have hopped either the Yellow or Blue line and gotten off at either the Pentagon or Crystal City stops, and proceded to the office to make the delivery.  (They would then head to Pentagon City to check out Nordstrom, but that’s another post.)  Or, more likely, these Moms of Mine would allow the USPS to deliver it, as the website clearly states is the preferred delivery method.

I know I’m being cynical and all, but do you think it’s at all possible the moms purposely went to the wrong office so they could cry foul?  That would be disingenuous, wouldn’t it?  I mean, they clearly want answers, not media attention, right?  Would these women, the salt of the earth, engage in such deceptive practices? 

I’m awaiting word on how a similar letter was received by Sen. Biden’s office.  NEWSFLASH:  They didn’t write him one.  Now, that’s nonpartisanship for you, liberal style.

UPDATE:  Oh, yes, they certainly are nonpartisan.



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3 responses to “The Moms *I* know are a lot smarter than this

  1. DH

    This is the reason I will never be able to bring myself to vote for a democrat, no matter how stupid the republicans get. They are so convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, despite all evidence to the contrary. Trying to talk to them is like teaching pigs to sing; it frustrates you and annoys the pig. I don’t know how you can read their blogs without darkening your whole day.

  2. novamom

    Well, DH, I’ll tell you something Reading their blogs doesn’t darken my day at all; they way they try to argue their side using mostly emotion and, usually, nary a fact actually makes for a great read.

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