Notes from the Commonwealth . . .

Per Tim Graham at, young Luke Russert had this rather stupid thing to say on the Today Show this morning:  ““You have to remember, the smartest kids in the state go there [UVA], so it’s leaning a little bit towards Obama.”  Oh, mon petit ami.  There are so many things that went wrong there, and I’m sure my Hokie husband would love to set you straight on all of them.

To his credit, Luke later issued an apology.  Of sorts.  He tries to explain away his condescension, but it doesn’t really ring true to me.  But, if you go to the MSNBC link, you’ve got to read the comments!  According to these “progressives,” smart people will vote for Obama.  You got that?  If you don’t agree with the lying, untruthful associate of terrorists, you are un-smart.  Well, color me and my UMd degree stupid, ‘cuz we’re not buying that elitist line of BS.  Yup, yup.

I guess there’s only one thing left to say:  Luke Russert, welcome to the mainstream media!  You’ll find lots of friends there.



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2 responses to “Notes from the Commonwealth . . .

  1. Tammy

    I totally agree! We live in Charlottesville. My husband’s a Hokie and our daughter goes to Roanoke College and is having an amazing college experience. I graduated from Clinch Valley College (aka the University of Virginia’s College at Wise). The battle over having a mere branch contain the prestigious UVa name was so ugly and elitist that young Russert’s comments do not surprise me at all. Interesting that journalism is hereditary! I thought you had to earn a top spot on a television network. Of course, I as a former journalist myself, I thought you were supposed to be impartial. Wrong on both counts, I guess. Glad I’m out of that business.

  2. DH

    Just another example of elitist group-think from a member of our fourth estate. As a Virginian I am proud to acknowledge that UVA is a great school, but as a member of the Hokie Nation I also understand that it is at best the second greatest school in the state :).

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