Today’s Midol Moment

Courtesy of my oh-so-progressive and open-minded sisters at MOMocrats:

Here’s a tidbit from the eloquent poster: “and you know that lying-ass, cronyism-loving, shady mofo is just waiting for Old Man McCain to check out.”  This is, of course, referring to Gov. Sarah Palin.  The “progressive” ideas spewing forth here and on the rest of the site would do Christine “Can’t say if it’s a step back or not” Pelosi proud.  Oh, and it seems that Joanne Bamberger contributes to this site as well.  No big surprise there.

Beware if you decide to visit their site:  the victomology is reaching a fever pitch.  Call the waaaahmbulance, the MOMocrats need rescuing!  Phyllis Schlafly got it decidely right:  “They are so intemperate in their criticism that they are incoherent.”


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