Liberal Elitist Phrase of the Day

Filler states

I found this condescending, ignorant phrase while perusing the blog of an angry, out-of-touch liberal female.  This is a favorite sport of mine, as it always turns up some new and fascinating insight into the deranged mind of the far left.  This lady has serious loony-left street cred:  she lives outside of San Francisco, is an aging Gloria Steinem type, and she has these kind words for supporters of the military in Iraq:  “May you all rot in the Iraqi desert.”  A real sweetheart, this one.  Yes, this lady is a jerk, but she also encapsulates in two words how liberals see our country.

But I love her because she has brought me my Liberal Elitist Phrase of the Day.  If you Google this term, you’ll find nothing, so I’ve decided to define it myself:

Filler states.   Definition:  Every state that is not California or New York.  Those of us just taking up space while the truly enlightened cosmopolitan-types do the real thinking.


The real heart and soul of America.  Those people who don’t just feel, think and pontificate; those who get out and do.  Those who are rejecting Obama and his change we can, uh, believe in (not to mention Bunglin’ Joe Biden and his form of patriotism). 

God Bless the United Filler States of America!


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