Do you think Midol would help?

LATEST UPDATE (9.22.08)Fox News is reporting that the FBI has served a search warrant against young Mr. Kernell.  Follow the link for more info; please note where Kernell and his group of Anonymous hackers are referred to as having a “sociopathic sense of humor.”  To say the least.

UPDATE:  It’s looking like the eejit responsible for the hack is the son of Tennessee Democrat State Rep. Mike Kernell.  Gateway Pundit has more about the little twerp here.  Stay classy, Democrats.


Some fine citizen has hacked into the private e-mail account of Gov. Sarah Palin.  The FBI is involved because, as this class act must have missed, they take this stuff seriously.  Like up to five years in prison seriously.  Like you’re in deep $*&t seriously. 

Is this another case of raging PMS?  You be the judge.  Michelle Malkin is all over the story here.



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