Christine Pelosi has diarrhea of the mouth

UPDATE: Bloodthirsty Liberal weighs in:  How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sarah?

UPDATE: Phyllis Schlafly agrees with Decidedly Right: 

“The nomination of Sarah Palin for vice president is a big step forward for women, but a long backward step for the movement we have been taught to call feminism.”

(h/t to Michelle Malkin)


Did anyone catch her on Hannity and Colmes?  Sean nailed her to the wall about her hypocritical form of “feminism,” and she tried to babble her way out of it.  And babble, and babble, and babble.

C’mon, Christine, answer the question:  “Would you consider Sarah Palin being elected Vice President a step backward for women?”  Your hemming and hawing was quite telling.  It’s obvious that you feel that any accomplishments by a liberal woman (such as your own mother) are a step forward, while accomplishments by a conservative woman (such as Sarah Palin) are a step back.  Well, you’re right, Christine, it is a step back.  A step back for you and the liberal feminist agenda.  A giant step back.  You’re being rejected soundly by a great many women.

Really, Democrats, is Christine Pelosi the best you’ve got?

EDITED TO ADD:  Video and transcript here.



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5 responses to “Christine Pelosi has diarrhea of the mouth

  1. As an Obama supporter, I agree that Christine Pelosi
    should simply answer the damn question.

    And, the answer is:

    Sean, you assume that this is one dimensional question.
    Yes, a women getting elected, per se, is a step forward
    for women getting elected.

    But, on several important issues to women, it is a step

    So overall, electing Sarah Palin would be a disasterous
    step backward in most of the dimensions involved.

    But, then, Sean, you are a one-dimenaional kind of guy,
    so I don’t really expect you to follow my reasoning.

    [why can’t the democrats get some people who know how
    to take on these shallow-minded right wingers? It is

  2. novamom

    Dennis, I would love for you to expound on which “dimensions” you feel would be adversely affected by having Sarah Palin elected Vice President. I truly am trying to get a better understanding of this perspective, because as a woman and a conservative, I don’t follow your reasoning.

    So, in the issue of Christine Pelosi, you are decidedly right. On the issue of Sarah Palin, you are decidedly wrong. But, please, try to change my mind.

  3. May

    I am totally with you, novamom!
    Shame on Christine Pelosi! She sounds & looks stupid!

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