Obama — The New Biden?

I love Joe Biden.  He’s just the greatest bumbler and fumbler out there.  To wit, he recently addressed a crowd in Columbia, MO and urged one of the party faithful to stand and be recognized.  Only problem is, the guy is in a wheelchair.  Oops.

It seems the Biden brainlessness is spreading, and our favorite community organizer has caught it.  After a brief 9/11-related hiatus from campaigning, Obama went on the offense and released an ad mocking McCain as computer illiterate.  Offensive, to be sure, as McCain has limited ability to use a keyboard as a result of injuries received as a P.O.W. in Vietnam.

One can only surmise that Obama is either mean-spirited, clueless, or both.  Biden had better watch out.  There’s a new numbnut in town!!!


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